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12 November 2023

Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well today. My life has been rather busy as of late, with my first semester of senior year starting to wrap up.
A professor invited my class to present our data analysis projects for a gallery; if I am able to in time, I would love to submit the analysis of Pokemon Black and White that I did.

It is probably no surprise to you, friend, that I am constantly hyperfixated on Pokemon.
I know that fellow people on the autism spectrum refer to this as a "special interest", which is indeed a good term for it.
Aside from that, however, the franchise has helped me in so, so many ways since I was a child, and I am forever grateful for that; it is in that way that my love of Pokemon feels less like a special interest sometimes and more like a source of sunlight for me, especially when I'm having a particularly tough day.

My favorite region/generation of Pokemon, despite there being so many ones I love, would have to be my very first region: Hoenn. I got into the franchise later than most of my age group and started with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, a 3DS remake of the original game on the GameBoy Advance, which I did not have growing up. I do not think that kid me knew what a powerful effect the game would have upon her, but I do remember falling instantly in love with my very first starter, Blaze the Torchic. (Had I known then she would evolve into a creature called Blaziken, I probably would have named her something different, but it's a funny memory.) She was my first of many Pokemon babies I would raise and I still fondly look back at my very first Pokemon team with love. I do hope Game Freak creates a game sometime in the future where we could return to Hoenn. I would absolutely love to get my hands on an authentic copy of Pokemon Emerald someday in the future!

From the animated trailer of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire; Brendan and May with the three starter Pokemon of Hoenn.

In the meantime, I will be working and playing games in my free time, as per the norm for me in this stage of my life. I'll be continuing my playthrough of FireRed too, alongside my partner Pokemon (a Charmander who my mom nicknamed "Pete" as she loved the original animated Pete's Dragon as a child. I thought that was so sweet).

See you next time,


13 November 2023

Dear Friend,

Did I ever tell you about my teenage obession with an anime/manga called Noragami? No? Buckle up then...this is one hell of a ride!

Noragami, or "Stray God", is about the almost-completely forgotten, too-cheeky-for-his-own-good god called Yato. With a rather checkered past, he's trying his best to find some money by doing odd jobs for mortals when he crosses paths with a girl named Hiyori (whose spirit seems to leave her body often) and a ghost boy named Yukine who he takes under his wing. It's a story that is full of goofy moments but most of all a bittersweet found family tale admist a narrative that certainly does not stray away from darker themes (I would suggest looking at content warnings if you are concerned as it can get heavy).

Teen Chloe was hooked with this anime! I'm pretty sure I binged it in less than a month, with the little time I had to watch shows with school! I cried several times over the course of my watchthrough. I should probably watch it again; it's been too long!

The manga is almost over and it's making me feel emotional over these characters for the millionth time. Man!!! Do they all deserve a happy ending!!

The screencap that started it all...

To be frank...I first decided to watch the anime because I saw the infamous Yato Cat Face meme. Who know I'd be hit with the good 'ol truck o' feels...

If y'all are up for it, I HIGHLY recommend this little gem. It is such an overlooked treasure in my book!

See you next time,


19 November 2023

Dear Friend,

I have been busy as usual lately, but especially now since my first semester of my senior year of college is almost up. I have finished my gallery entry with my professor's help, which was so so sweet of her! I hope people like it.

I am also working on music for my senior final project, a video game! One of my teammates made a visual novel idea that the professors liked, so we are going to bring their story to life. I am not classically trained in music (I can barely read music sheets; it's been too long) but hopefully my 8-bit music loops suffice!

Other than school going relatively well, I still feel "flare-ups"; not in terms of a physical condition, but in terms of waves of anxiety and depression, mixed together like ugly muddy paint water. I've been dealing with anxiety since middle school and depression since high school, and there are definitely times were I still feel like I'm in a rut. ESPECIALLY when you've been unable to find joy in drawing in years, but you so, so love the craft. More on that in another post.

Since becoming a college student, however, I've become better at expressing my love of my interests, which has definitely helped me find joy. Pokemon, Genshin, indie games, books of all sorts, MUSIC...all of these make me feel safer. I've also re-ignited my love of stuffed animals, which I hid away in high school. I don't really care about my love of stuffed animals being out in the open that much anymore; besides, when you're autistic, these little guys are often there for when you feel extra overwhelmed.

On a more positive note, I've revisited some games I never got around to finishing: Door to Phantomile, the first in the Klonoa game series, and Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories, the sequel to the 2012 game Melon Journey.

I discovered the latter game by chance in college; I love Karolina's work! The first game was so cute and fun, so of course I had to get the sequel, which is more mystery-packed with lots of silly humor still, and plenty of nods to the first game. Please do check it out!

The start screen for Bittersweet Memories! How cute is this??

Klonoa is a game I knew about long before I went to college; in fact, I had just turned fourteen! I was researching games on the Gameboy as I had just used some money to buy a used copy of Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak (which is one of the silliest little games EVER) and that's how I discovered my long-forgotten friend Klonoa. The first game, you see, came out in 1997! A sequel, Lunatea's Veil, came out not long after, alongside a couple sporty side games and a few lesser-known games for the Gameboy, such as Empire of Dreams and Moonlight Museum. I would love to try to play them one day!

Sadly, for many years I could not play one of the Klonoa games, as I really, really wanted to play the first game before any others. I was very close to considering buying one of the Gameboy cartridges when all of a sudden: Nintendo did the insane. THEY BROUGHT MY SON BACK!!! I and many other loyal fans screamed in happiness when the Phantasy Reverie remasters for the first two games were announced. I am almost done with the first's tricky but so, so worth it. Dude. Please play Klonoa.

A '90s promotion of the first Klonoa game, Door to Phantomile, for the original PlayStation. Klonoa's original design makes me nostalgic.

Fangirling aside, that is all the energy I have left today for my entry today, I think. I must say, I do like getting my thoughts down in this manner while practing HTML! I hope you like my writings too.

See you next time,


23 Feburary 2024

Dear Friend,

MAN it has been a long time since I've logged onto my website and wrote an entry! Life has been more hectic than usual and with the final semester of my final year of college, I've been rather overwhelmed.

Speaking of which, as my anxiety has only seemed to increase over time, I've deleted all my "modern" social media: no more Instagram, Twitter or even Tumblr. I do feel a little bad about leaving so suddenly, but it was about time. It was fun at first and I made some WONDERFUL friends who I still talk to this very day (hi guys!) but the actual stress of trying to get good views for my work made me feel like I was constantly on display, even when I wasn't posting anything. That, and I was always afraid to post my art as time went on, worrying it wasn't "polished" or "professional-looking" as well. And don't get me started on the AI users stealing people's art!

Perhaps one day I'll return, maybe making (another) re-debut on Insta...but I dunno. Everything is quite toxic in modern social media, even platforms like Tumblr that try to be like the "old internet".

In happier news, I have finally begun to play Pokemon Emerald! Hoenn is my favorite region (with Sinnoh, Unova and Johto close behind) as I stated in an earlier entry that my first game was the 3DS remake of Pokemon Sapphire, known as Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, with 3D graphics and a remaster of the score, plus some special extras. Tragically, there wasn't a remake for the enhanced version of the original Ruby and Sapphire duo kicking off Gen 3, aka Emerald which is SUCH a shame. I'm excited to finally play it though! It's been a long time since I've traveled through Hoenn. To honor my first Pokemon, Blaze the Blaziken (I did not know she would evolve into a creature called that, otherwise her name would have been different lmao) I chose a Torchic! I like to think that narrative-wise (for fun of course) that he's Blaze's younger son (she had a baby in ORAS); his name is Sriracha! All of my Blaziken have names like that: Blaze the OG; Chili, my Poketwo Discord Blaziken; Pepper, my girl in Pokemon Violet; and now Sriracha! I'm excited to go on a journey with this little guy.

Part of the opening movie for Pokemon Emerald, where female player character May rides on her bike with Pokemon friends Manectric, Flygon, Voltorb, and Torchic!

I'll try to be more active here as unlike modern socials, neocities has been a lovely experience.

See you next time,


28 Feburary 2024

Dear Friend,

Happy Pokemon Day...a day late, oops! I had classes that day and by the time I was able to rest I forgot about updating my diary (which I had planned to do) and immediately picked up my 2DS and my childhood copy of Pokemon X to wander around the region again.

Why, might you ask?


Hoenn will always be my number one region, but Kalos was the second region I ever went to, so it means sooo much to me. There were so many Pokemon to meet (Fairy types my beloved), lots of lovely cities and hidden landscapes, and the fashion....Kalos fashion is peak fashion.

This was my first time customizing my trainer avatar, and I frequented the boutiques and salons whenever I could. It was SO much fun!

Oh my god, and don't get me started on the Kalos history lore. I always cry.

Like everyone else, I was expecting the new Pokemon game to be related to Unova remakes or even a Legends game of Johto. Kalos was such a shock but I am so stoked! Mega Evolution was my fave theme and I loooved hunting for Mega Stones and seeing the cool new forms! Also, it's basically the Zygarde game we always wanted BUT in a Legends format which is so awesome too!! I'm so excited to see if it will take place in the past like in the last Legends game or in the future...or even both! Also you know I will cry. Because Kalos lore.

I dunno what else to say other than I'm beyond excited to the point that I don't know what else to say! I guess I will wrap up this entry for now, but feel free to chat with me about Kalos or Pokemon in general if you want! I always love to!

See you next time,


9 April 2024

Dear Friend,

How are you? With my final semester of college wrapping up, I've been busier than ever! In the meantime, I finally started playing some video games again...starting with Earthbound!

Earthbound, also known as Mother 2 in Japan, is a RPG game from the '90s, originally for the Super Nintendo. I never had one as a kid (2002 baby) but I was so happy when it came to Nintendo Switch! It's a little tricky for me to figure out so far but it's SUCH a fun game! The colors and music are amazing! And I can totally see why Toby Fox was inspired by this game, the cheeky dialogue in particular.

The box art is so '90s, I adore it! I love the tiny Ness hidden in the artwork too, lol.

Other than starting Earthbound, it's a pretty good anime season right now! I've been trying to keep up with three new shows and an older one that's getting a new season! The new shows are Spice and Wolf: merchant meets the wise wolf (a GORGEOUS reboot of a popular fantasy/economics anime/novel), A Condition Called Love (a shojo romance with what I believe has a hint of psychological element to it), and Tonari no Youkai-san (The most Studio Ghibli-esque show I've ever seen, oh my goodness). As for the older favorite, it's Kimi ni Todoke/From Me to You! It's a classic shojo with a great friend group and endearing music and characters. We are getting a new season after many years, so I'm very stoked about that!

Also for the sake of sharing work and networking, I've returned to modern social media, mostly Instagram! I have a Tumblr and Twitter too but I'm definitely not too active there, as it's mainly for communication in case.

Regardless of fun games and sweet shows, my priority focus is finishing my classes and finding new work afterwards. It's all nerve-wracking for sure but also exciting!

See you next time,


13 May 2024

Dear Friend,

Gosh, it's been a while again! Everything has been so, so busy and all of the sudden things are a lot less busy, which feels so odd. The reason being, I've graduated from college!! I now have a degree in Media Arts and Sciences! It all feels so surreal, especially as I was so busy with finals and my senior capstone showcase to deal with beforehand AND my 22nd birthday on the 25th of April (fun fact: Baizhu from Genshin Impact shares a birthday with me!)

Now that thinks have calmed down, I've been working on personal work and projects alongside job inquires now that I'm no longer a student. Isn't that strange? All I've known for about eighteen years is school, and now it's over, unless I need to do some more studying later on. It feels very...bittersweet. School definitely wasn't easy but I learned so much!

Aside from facing the reality that I Graduated Oh My God, I've been nonstop playing the Apollo Justice Trilogy, a gift I recieved on my birthday. Funny how I purchased the first trilogy thinking I'd play and forget about it...I was very wrong.

The series is campy, odd and outdated at times, but it's also funny, creative and surprisingly sweet. I love solving mysteries and meeting new characters (most of the time) and trying out new mechanics! I just finished the titular title and it was such an emotional rollercoaster. Definitely one of my favorite games from the series!

Now I'm starting Dual Destinies and it's strange but exciting to see everyone in 3-D instead of pixel art. I also love Athena a lot, she's so sweet! I'm really excited to play more of this game and then the final game of the trilogy, Spirit of Justice.

The new trilogy comes with an adorable museum section, including an orchestra portion for listening to the game music! The chibis are so cute! I hope Nick is doing okay with the piano, lol.

Speaking of games, I'll be returning to Twitch soon, with a few major updates! I hope to see you guys there if you wish to attend!

See you next time,


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