Jolteon Pokemon


2024: A quick refernce for Ray, a newer character of mine. She's inspired by my childhood love of mermaid-themed designs.

2024: The first full-color, digital drawing of Soda Starjump, a newer character of mine. She also has her own toyhouse page!

2024: An asset made for my Twitch streams! I plan on being more active there once all of my other assets are done.

2024: This was originally a digital sketch done for a course project reference, but I went way overboard! I love the song "Pollyanna" from the Earthbound sountrack! I think I'll make the homepage playlist Mother series themed for a while...

2024: A drawing based off a traditional sketch I did for a course project. The anatomy is a little wonky but I like how confident Choco looks here.

2024: A more dynamic piece based on the Perfume song "Electro World"! I also tried a new highlighting technique using a screentone brush and a bloom effect. I quite like it!

2024: Another practice of pixel art in Procreate, made on a tiny canvas. Featuring Choco since she's my usual muse, haha.

2024: A digital sketch sheet showing Choco in a slightly muted color palette and casual clothing. I wasn't sure what to put in the corner so I just made a small Y2K logo that says "2000". I need to think of more clever logos, lol.

2024: A mini mascot graphic of Choco based on a traditional sketch. I really like how it turned out, though I do want to edit the colors a bit more (the palette is about what I was thinking so yay)! I want to use this as a sticker or a charm maybe if I ever open a store on bigcartel maybe...although I've also used this piece for some assets for streaming! I'm not on Twitch a lot but I recently debuted and it was very fun :)

2024: After a long time, I finally returned to artwork, starting with re-designing one of my oldest characters, who had been known online as "Lune" for a little bit. Now dubbed "Choco", she now sports a cybery2k style, inspired by my love of old internet nostalgia, '90s/y2k video games and media, and the rise of frutiger aero.

2023: I hadn't drawn in a while, so I wanted to do a warm-up sketch painting of May from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire; funny enough, Alpha Sapphire was my very first Pokemon game!

2023: A quick Eevee digital painting I did for Poketober; due to my schedule, I could only do the first prompt. I still quite like this drawing, though.

2023: After reading the Pokemon fancomic "Festival of Champions" by Seijun Tombo, I was inspired to draw the female player of the first generation of games (referred to as Leaf/Green/Blue) after she was solidified as one of my favorite characters in media. I highly suggest the fancomic!

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